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Bloom's Breakfast Tea- 100g


Rise and shine! It's Bloom's Breakfast Tea time!


After a run on the beach or a morning workout, boost your regimen with a low-carb breakfast and our tasty, full-bodied Bloom's Breakfast Tea. 


Our hand-crafted breakfast tea is a lovely combination of Assam and Ceylon black tea infused with premium white tea and finished with a hint of rose. With a modest amount of caffeine (about a third the amount in a regular cup of coffee,) it's the ultimate indulgence in every cup. 


This tea contains natural antioxidants, traditionally linked to slowing the signs of ageing by reducing the impact of free radicals in the body. Antioxidants may also help boost metabolism and burn fat more readily, which is a bonus first thing in the morning! Bloom's Breakfast Tea is an excellent aid for most weight management plans, with only two calories per cup, when combined with regular exercise and a healthy eating plan.


Leave the old English tea for grandma, we have the only smooth breakfast tea you need.




Bring these incredible flavors alive by infusing a heaping teaspoon in a cup of freshly boiled water for three to five minutes.




Assam and Ceylon black tea, premium white tea and rose petals.



Bloom's Breakfast Tea


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