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Bloom's Ceremonial Matcha Powder- 45g


Bloom's Ceremonial Matcha is the little gem needed to unwind the mind and energize your body. Our tasty, organic matcha powder contains L-Theanine (a substance with stress relief properties) which sees many people feeling uplifted after enjoying a cup.


Green tea has been used for centuries with many well-known benefits. Support of immune function, weight loss and helping to alkalize and detoxify the body are just a few reasons to add it to your menu.


Traditional benefits:


Matcha green tea has been celebrated by the Japanese for many years for exceptional health benefits and outweights many of the most popular superfoods. It contains seventeen times more antioxidants then blueberries, six times more antioxidants than goji berries, seven times the antioxidants than dark chocolate and SIXTY times the antioxidants found in spinach. And that's just in one teaspoon of tea!


Matcha may help partner with the body's digestive enzymes as a natural fat blocker. It has tradtitional benefits for helping to improve the signs of ageing and upholding a healthy metabolism.


Giving off a vibrant green color, our 100% pure organic ceremonial matcha powder is high in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is amazingly versatile, and one of its characteristics is a potential ability to supress hunger pangs. It also helps to hamper toxic metal and chemical absorption in the body.


As a great alternative to coffee, Bloom's Ceremonial Matcha Powder works in harmony with your regular heartbeat and blood pressure. It contains only 35 mg of caffeine per teaspoon, which is a third less than a cup of regular black coffee.


Bloom's Ceremonial Matcha Powder is 100% organic, grown on the pristine, clean Jeju Island in South Korea. It is the perfect compliment to a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.


Who needs a chill pill when you can have a cup of Ceremonial Matcha?




Hot: Take 1/2 teaspoon of Bloom's Ceremonial Matcha Powder and whisk or briskly stir with hot water until you start to see froth, making sure there are no clumps left.


Cold: Add Bloom's Ceremonial Matcha Powder to smoothies, protein shakes or juices for an antioxidant rich energy boost.


Check our blog for a number of recipes utilizing Bloom's Ceremonial Matcha Powder!




100% Organic Matcha Green Tea


Contains caffeine



Bloom's Ceremonial Matcha


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